A Sense of Wonder and a Strong Connection to One Another

As we settle into our residency at Salisbury Cathedral, our life has quickly taken on a lovely daily rhythm. The sun rises early over the close – just after 5:00 am – and we’re up early in the dorms. At 7:45 we gather for breakfast in the dining hall at the Cathedral School, a hearty English breakfast that includes new favorites like marmalade and marmite. Morning rehearsal begins promptly at 8:45, and then we have a bit of free time. On Tuesday we used it to explore the town of Salisbury, including the Church of St. Thomas Becket, High Street, a medieval home that has been turned into a movie theatre, and an open market. Afternoons include more rehearsal, this time in the cathedral’s choir room, and at 5:30 we are vested and ready for the Evensong procession.

Evensong is the turn of the day, and afterward we gather again for dinner at the Cathedral School. Often, we take a few minutes to reflect on Evensong, the day we’ve shared, and the adventures and responsibilities that lie ahead. Always, we take a few minutes to be grateful – for what we’ve seen and shared during the day, and for all the people who have made this trip possible for us.

DSC_5926-smallAs the days pass, our sense of family is growing stronger and stronger. We are learning to rely on each other – for borrowed shampoo, or late evening quiet company, or a kind word when we’re feeling tired or discouraged. Each of us is feeling a strong sense of independence as we successfully accomplish what we’ve come to accomplish, and a strong sense of community as we share the absolute joy of living and working together at Salisbury Cathedral.